Myanmar’s young face abduction as they ignore junta’s call to duty 

Desperate to meet their quotas, recruiters are using arbitrary arrests to help replenish the military’s rapidly diminishing ranks

As its faltering conscription drive enters its second month, Myanmar’s military has begun using more coercive methods to find new recruits, according to sources.

Instead of sending out letters summoning prospective draftees to recruitment centres, as required under a conscription law that went into effect for the first time this year, the military has been randomly arresting civilians and sending them to training centres, Myanmar Now has learned.

In February, the junta announced that it would begin enforcing the People’s Military Service Law, enacted by a previous regime more than a decade ago. The move has prompted many young people of conscription age to flee or go into hiding.

In response, the military has taken various measures, including a ban . . .

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