Myanmar regime opens training centres as recruitment committee moves to implement  conscription

The enforcement of compulsory service is proceeding on schedule, compelling young people unwilling to join the military to choose between prison, fleeing the country, or joining the armed resistance

The committee overseeing Myanmar’s nationwide conscription drive said on Monday that it will soon establish training facilities throughout the country that will allow them to initiate forced military recruitment in earnest.  

The junta’s defence minister Tin Aung San said at a meeting in Naypyitaw that the central recruitment committee has already opened a few training centres and is working with the junta-controlled ministry of legal affairs to standardise its operating procedures.

The regime has also distributed over a hundred thousand pamphlets to inform the public about the requirement to register and report for conscription, and has been working with telecommunications firms since February 21 to send out text messages to citizens with similar information, he said. 

According to a regime-run newspaper, the committee formed an information technology unit to manage and record data last month, along with eight operational sub-teams that would. . .

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