Myanmar military concentrates its firepower on Ramree 

Local civilians and anti-junta groups both believe Myanmar’s military regime intends to ‘raze’ the town of Ramree ‘to the ground’

Junta forces continued to attack Ramree (Yanbye) Township, Rakhine State this week, using a new, highly destructive type of bomb and causing indiscriminate destruction in all six wards, residents and anti-junta armed groups said. 

The Myanmar military’s assaults on the town have continued for weeks, ultimately leading to the air force’s use of 500-pound bombs on Tuesday, according to the Arakan Army (AA), the ethnic armed group fighting against regime forces in the state. 

The junta’s air force bombed Ramree on Saturday starting at 9am. The airstrikes continued throughout the day while naval warships on nearby rivers shelled the town using heavy artillery, according to a statement issued by the Brotherhood Alliance, which includes the AA as a member. 

These attacks destroyed more than 200 houses, including virtually all of Ward 4, the Brotherhood Alliance’s statement said.

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