Myanmar junta announces plans to expropriate unused land

Even as the military confiscates real estate, officers living in Naypyitaw are reportedly selling farm plots designated for confiscation to desperate, displaced people who have fled to the administrative capital for safety

The military council will seize and redistribute farmland that has been “out of use” for more than two years, according to the junta’s agriculture minister as quoted in regime-run media on Monday. 

“If land is found abandoned and out of use for more than two years, we will claim it according to existing laws and reallocate it to working farmers,” said Min Naung, the junta’s minister of agriculture, livestock, and irrigation. 

The minister delivered these remarks at a committee meeting of the central land management team held at the agriculture ministry on April 15, adding that the farmworkers assigned to work on the seized land would lose their authorisation if they failed to meet a minimum work quota within the first six months. 

Section 31 of Myanmar’s 2012 Farmland Law states that the Central Administrative Body of the Farmland may “confiscate” farmland not. . .

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