Myanmar junta admits its forces killed senior Buddhist monk

The incident marks the first time since the regime seized power more than three years ago that it has acknowledged the unprovoked killing of civilians by its forces

Myanmar’s military regime admitted on Friday that soldiers under its command were responsible for the shooting death of a senior Buddhist monk in Mandalay last week.

Junta-controlled state media originally blamed the June 19 killing of Ashin Munindra Bhivamsa, abbot of the Win Namitta Monastery in Bago, on “PDF terrorists,” referring to armed groups opposed to military rule.

However, a day after the incident, another senior monk who survived the deadly attack publicly contradicted the junta’s official account of what happened, forcing it to retract its initial claims.

In a statement released the following afternoon, the regime said that it would order an investigation after hearing the testimony of the monk, Ashin Gunikar Bhivamsa, which was shared with other monks. . .

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