Myanmar factories close amid deteriorating economic conditions 

Manufacturers across various sectors have suspended operations or rented out their facilities while some foreign-owned factories have shut down permanently

Under military rule, factories in Myanmar’s largest cities have struggled to survive amid power cuts and shortages of imported raw materials, according to industrialists and workers. 

In urban industrial zones, where electricity is only available for four hours on a typical day, manufacturing businesses have increasingly had to rely on costly diesel generators. 

The difficulty is exacerbated by a scarcity of raw materials, the consequence of junta policy that has depleted foreign currency reserves and restricted the purchase of goods from abroad. 

The exact number of factories closing due to these deteriorating conditions is unknown. However, a successful industrialist who spoke with Myanmar Now said he personally knew of several factories in Yangon alone that had been forced to close temporarily or rent out their premises, as well as foreign-owned factories that are now permanently shuttered. 

“Domestically owned factories have suspended operations. The factories. . .

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