MNDAA seizes key outpost south of Laukkai

The ethnic Kokang armed group says it is now much closer to its goal of capturing the town

Anti-regime forces say they are ready to launch attacks against junta troops inside Laukkai, the administrative centre of the Kokang Self-Administered Zone, after capturing a key military outpost south of the town on Wednesday.

Li Kyar Win, the spokesperson for the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), told Myanmar Now that its troops had been fighting for control of the outpost since Saturday.

“We faced intense resistance from the junta’s soldiers at this outpost,” he said, adding that the group is now in a position to mount a full-on assault on the military headquarters in the town from its southern flank.

The outpost, located on a steep hill known locally as Four Cardinal Pagoda Hill, is at the end of a path that leads to the headquarters, about 2km away.

Although the capture of the outpost brings the MNDAA closer to its goal of seizing Laukkai. . .

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