Military failing to find sufficient recruits despite conscription

The military regime’s top defence official directed officers to take stronger measures to enforce the conscription law, vowing severe penalties for those who evade mandatory service

Junta defence minister Adm. Tin Aung San pressed the officers under his command to exert more effort to increase the military’s manpower at a meeting on Monday, according to a military council statement. 

Tin Aung San, who chairs the military council’s central recruitment committee, also reiterated that the regime would take serious action against any eligible person who resists conscription, the statement said. He did not specify what actions would be taken. 

The military council has now established enough training centres to accommodate the first two batches of fresh recruits, in keeping with plans announced earlier this year to train the conscripts in batches of up to 5,000.  

However, the military has encountered difficulties in meeting the target number of new recruits, Tin Aung San said. 

He instructed the officers to take legal action against anyone resisting conscription and to make the. . .

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