Military airstrike in Bago Region kills several civilians, including three children

The area targeted in the aerial assault is just 50 miles from Naypyitaw

The junta’s air force attacked three villages in Bago Region’s Yedashe Township—some 50 miles outside of the military-controlled capital of Naypyitaw—on Wednesday afternoon, killing seven people.

In addition to four adults, among the victims were three children, including one who was just three years old. Another, age 10, was pictured in photos seen by Myanmar Now with face and neck injuries.

The attack on Padauk Kone, Shan Hsu, and Si Pine, all on the eastern shore of the Sittaung River, involved bombs and machine gun fire from military aircraft, a member of the local anti-junta People’s Defence Force (PDF) chapter said. 

“A bomb fell right on top of a house in Si Pine, killing a mother and her preteen child,” a local source said, adding that seven people were shot and injured in the airstrike.

Livestock, including cows, were seen slain on. . .

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