Locals face food shortages amid blockades in northern Sagaing Region 

With ships carrying rice and fuel stranded on the Chindwin River and trucks stopped outside Paungbyin, residents of neighbouring townships including Homalin and Hkamti may ‘not last another three to four months,’ sources say

Shortages in basic commodities such as rice and fuel have worsened in upper Sagaing Region as both the Myanmar army and anti-junta armed forces have blocked routes into the area since late November, Myanmar Now has learned. 

The routes in question are located around Paungbyin Township, where the Chindwin River meets roads used to transport goods to Homalin and Hkamti townships, as well as Layshi and Lahe townships in the Naga hills. Paungbyin is located on the eastern shore of the Chindwin, around 30 miles south of the town of Shwe Pyi Aye in Homalin, which was overtaken by resistance forces in late November. 

Boats carrying food and other supplies were, at the time of reporting, stranded along the Chindwin River in Paungbyin, Shwe Pyi Aye, and Mawlaik. According. . .

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