Kyaukse blast kills charity doctor and two bystanders

A charity doctor was killed along with two bystanders when a parcel bomb exploded near his home in Kyaukse late last week, according to residents of the town in Mandalay Region.

Dr. Hline Zaw Nyunt, 45, was examining the package when it was detonated at around 3pm on Friday, a local source told Myanmar Now on condition of anonymity.

“The doctor saw a suspicious package near his house. It went off when he went to check it,” the source said, adding that two bystanders were killed instantly, while the doctor died on his way to the hospital.

The identity of the two bystanders was not available at the time of reporting.

As of Tuesday, it remained unclear who was responsible for the blast, which appeared to target the doctor.

“There were no military units stationed near where it happened. His house was closest to where the bomb was dropped off,” said the source.

Guerrilla groups opposed to Myanmar’s junta have used explosives and other weapons to kill supporters of the regime, but Dr. Hline Zaw Nyunt did not fit the profile of a typical target of such attacks.

Dr. Hline Zaw Nyunt was known as an avid supporter of Myanmar’s ousted ruling party, the National League for Democracy (Supplied)

A friend of the doctor said that he was politically active as a member of the 88 Peace and Open Society, a group formed by veterans of the 1988 pro-democracy uprising. He was also known to be an avid supporter of the ousted ruling party, the National League for Democracy.

“He was such a peaceful and respectable person. He did a lot of charity work. It’s such a shame that we had to lose him so soon,” said the friend.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Kyaukse branch of the anti-regime People’s Defence Force (PDF) said the attack was not their doing and strongly condemned the action.

The PDF (Kyaukse) statement also suggested that the bombing may have been carried out in order to smear local resistance forces, which are routinely described as “terrorist” organizations in state media. 

The junta has yet to release a statement regarding the blast.

Dr. Hline Zaw Nyunt is survived by his wife, son and daughter.

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