Kyaukphyu arrests raise concerns about targeting of ethnic Rakhines 

While the families of detainees try to understand why their relatives are being held, Rakhines living elsewhere wonder what the arrests mean for them

Ma Phyu, a 19-year-old Rakhine resident of Yangon, was returning to her hometown in Rakhine State to see her ailing father when she was arrested at the airport in Kyaukphyu last Sunday along with nearly 70 others aboard her flight.

Since then, at least 80 more young Rakhine residents of Yangon have been detained for reasons that remain unexplained. According to sources close to some of the detainees, none of the 147 people arrested since Sunday have yet been released.

“My daughter was just coming back to see her father, who’s been in the hospital for the past three weeks,” said Ma Phyu’s mother, Hla Phyu. (All sources who spoke to Myanmar Now for this report have been given pseudonyms to protect their identities.)

“She was just working as. . .

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