KNU claims to have captured most of Myawaddy

Although junta administrative offices are still open and a few army units have not yet withdrawn, the KNU now controls “90 percent” of the largest town on the Myanmar side of the Thai border, according to a spokesperson

The Karen National Union (KNU) said on Monday that Karen anti-junta forces have captured most of the Thailand-Myanmar border city of Myawaddy, Karen State, but are still fighting for full control. 

“Myawaddy is our town,” said KNU spokesperson Padoh Saw Kler Say. “Since it belongs to us, it’s crucial for us to oversee the town’s administration.” 

The Myawaddy is the most populous of several crossings on the border between Thailand and Myanmar and lies on an important trade route between the two countries.  

The KNU’s armed wing the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) has been engaged in an offensive operation against the junta in Myawaddy Township since March 7, when it attacked army bases in the village of Thin Gan Nyi Naung on the Myawaddy-Kawkareik section of the Asia Highway, a crucial route for the border trade. 

Another KNU. . .

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