Kidnapped and conscripted: Rohingya taken from Bangladesh refugee camps, handed over to Myanmar military 

Young Rohingya men and their relatives describe how local militias are forcing them across borders to fight for the same military that made them refugees

The names of sources quoted in this story have been changed to protect their security. 

Threats of abduction and conscription by the junta and shadowy local militia groups have now spilled over into neighbouring Bangladesh, as Rohingya refugees describe how they and their relatives have been taken back across the border to Myanmar as forced recruits to the military.

Bolstering its troop numbers by recruiting from within the same community it has targeted with genocide, the Myanmar army has recently conscripted at least 2,000 Rohingya men. 

Many were taken from internally displaced persons camps in Rakhine State, as the military, which is engaged in intense fighting with. . .

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