Karen National Union announces plans to replace regime administration in Myawaddy

The ethnic armed and governance organisation says it has seized full control of the border trade hub and aims to see its governance infrastructure implemented there

The Karen National Union (KNU) said on Friday that it will set up its own administrative mechanism in territory recently captured from the military in and around the critical trade hub of Myawaddy, on Myanmar’s border with Thailand. 

“We will take decisive measures to abolish the regime’s administration and replace it with our own,” KNU spokesperson Padoh Saw Taw Nee said. “To end military rule, our first step is to liberate junta-controlled areas, driving junta troops out of our territory. We will continue to implement our plan to establish our administration one step at a time.”

The KNU has several established departments in its governance infrastructure, including those for health, education, foreign affairs, and defence and operates in seven districts across southeastern Myanmar, including in Karen and Mon states and Bago and Tanintharyi regions. 

The organisation claimed on Thursday that its armed wing, the Karen. . .

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