Junta surrenders base at Loikaw University to KNDF

After at least 100 junta troops in two army battalions died in battle at the university, the surviving soldiers turned over their weapons, KNDF spokespersons said

The Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) announced on Wednesday that they had captured Loikaw University from junta forces in the Karenni State capital after four days of fighting. 

Spokespersons for the Karenni ethnic armed organisation said 100 junta soldiers stationed at the university had been killed since the fighting began on November 11, and that more than 30 were now in KNDF custody. The anti-junta fighters also claim to have captured 128 weapons and a large supply of ammunition. 

Two light infantry battalions (LIB) stationed at the university—LIB 6 and LIB 425—fended off the KNDF’s assaults on the university for four days before surrendering. About half the troops in LIB 6 died in the battle, with LIB 425 incurring even worse losses including the deaths of a battalion commander and his second in command, according to the KNDF. 

A junta company commander, Captain. . .

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