Junta sites hit with explosions in Yangon and Naypyitaw

Three junta police officers were injured in an explosion at a police station in Naypyitaw on Monday evening, according to local sources and pro-junta social media accounts.

No resistance group has claimed responsibility for the blast, which went off at the Central Police Station in Ward 3 of Lewe Township at 5pm. Pol-Cpl Kyaw Thu sustained injuries to the back of his head, Inspector Pyone Cho to his leg and Pol-Pvt Di Thukha to both.

The officers were sent to the 100-bed hospital in Lewe, where some reports stated that Di Thukha died of his wounds, but Myanmar Now remains unable to verify this claim.

A junta propaganda Telegram channel, People Media, blamed the anti-regime People’s Defence Force for the “bomb” at the police station.

The same night as the Naypyitaw explosion, an urban guerrilla group in Yangon—the Freeland Attack Force (FLA)—released a statement saying that three resistance forces had collaboratively carried out two bombings of the Tamwe Township electricity office under the junta at midnight.

It was not confirmed if there were any casualties in the attacks.

Junta troops were carrying out searches on at least two streets in Tamwe, making it difficult to collect further information, an FLA officer said.

“It’s very likely that the second bomb exploded right when the patrol trucks arrived,” he told Myanmar Now, referring to vehicles of soldiers that entered Tamwe that night along Thadi Pathan Road.

There have been around 10 bomb attacks carried out by urban guerrilla groups in Yangon during the first half of June.

The other targeted sites have included the tax office on Pansodan Road in the downtown township of Kyauktada, a location near Insein Prison and the Central Police Station of Dagon Myothit Seikkan.

On Wednesday evening, the military council issued a statement announcing that they would charge perpetrators of the attacks under the counterterrorism law and seize the property of landlords that rent residences to members of the resistance.

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