Junta raids office of charity in Hlegu following killing of military informant

Junta forces arrested five people after raiding the office of a local social relief group in Hlegu, Yangon Region, on Friday, a staffer from the charity told Myanmar Now.

Around 50 soldiers and plain clothed personnel took part in a late-night raid of the Lu Nge Metta association’s office.

Two of the group’s volunteers were then arrested at their homes, along with the wife of one of those who was detained and the brother and father of another volunteer who evaded arrest.

“I think they got their addresses during the raid on the office,” said Kyaw Min Thu, who works as an officer at the charity.

The arrests appear to have been related to the assassination of an alleged military informant in Hlegu’s Zayatkwin neighbourhood earlier the same day.

Junta forces claimed they found 12 bullets at the office and accused the charity of having ties to the People’s Defence Force, Kyaw Min Thu said.

On Saturday evening soldiers tried to arrest another worker from the charity named Aye Min Aung at his home, but detained his brother and father in his place when they were unable to find him.

The Lu Nge Metta association has been active for six years. It helps transport patients to hospital when they can’t afford travel costs and has played a key role in the township’s Covid-19 response.

Last Wednesday, junta forces raided the office of Myoma Metta, another charity in Hlegu, arresting four people and confiscating two ambulances.

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