Junta imposes new tax on undocumented migrant workers from Myanmar

A labour union official called the new rules, which require migrants to pay income tax before receiving certificates of identification needed to work in Thailand, “unjust” and “exploitation”

The Myanmar military council’s ministry of planning and finance announced plans last Friday to tax the wages of Myanmar nationals working in Thailand and other neighbouring countries without full documentation. 

According to the ministry’s statement as reported in the regime-run Burma Gazette, Myanmar workers will be required to pay the tax as a condition for obtaining certificates of identification (CI) and other documents such as letters of recommendation from embassies and consulates. 

The regime put the new tax requirements in place by adding amendments to Myanmar’s Union Tax Law of 2023, which is enacted annually but had remained unchanged for more than ten years. 

Statements released by Myanmar embassies and consulates said that paying income taxes could ultimately help Myanmar nationals purchase property. . .

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