Junta denying basic rights to detainees in Monywa 

Hundreds of men and women have been held at length without charges at a Sagaing Region police station, prevented even from seeing their families or receiving mail

Junta authorities in the Sagaing Region capital are abusing the rights of hundreds of detainees—including around 200 arrested for political reasons—according to their family members and associates. 

Some 350 people held at Police Station No. 1 in Monywa—some on suspicion of supporting the anti-junta People’s Defence Forces (PDF)—are being deprived even of the basic rights guaranteed to prisoners, such as seeing their families or receiving parcels and letters. 

For some of the detainees, the only evidence of support for anti-junta activities was sending ‘likes’ or sharing pro-resistance posts on social media.

One detainee’s family member said authorities had been holding them at the police station without bringing charges or transferring them to prisons. 

"We have not been allowed to meet them since they were detained. We are not allowed to send letters to them, either. When I asked. . .

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