Junta-controlled election commission amends political party registration rules 

While waging war throughout the country, Myanmar’s military council makes legal changes to facilitate an election that would widely be seen as illegitimate

The election commission under the military coup council reduced the number of members required to form a registered political party—and the time period in which they can acquire these members, according to a report in junta-controlled media on Wednesday. 

The Global New Light of Myanmar stated that, according to changes made to the Political Parties Registration Law, parties must now have a minimum of 50,000 members to register—down from 100,000—and that they have “at least 90 days” to do this, as opposed to the previous wording of “within 90 days.” 

The junta also added clauses stating that parties’ registration would be revoked if a member of its leadership was found to have broken the law and the party’s assets would be seized. They are also now required to open bank accounts specifically designated to keep track of funding. 

Parties that. . .

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