Hundreds of Myanmar junta troops surrender as KNU captures base near Myawaddy

The capture of the Thin Gan Nyi Naung tactical camp brings anti-regime forces within eight miles of the country’s main gateway to Thailand

The Karen National Union (KNU) says it captured a key military base just west of the Thai-Myanmar border town of Myawaddy on Friday following the surrender of nearly 500 junta troops.

In a statement, the group said that troops from Brigade 6 of its armed wing, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), had taken control of the junta’s tactical camp at Thin Gan Nyi Naung, a village located less than eight miles west of Myawaddy’s downtown core.

A total of 477 junta troops, including 67 officers, turned themselves in as part of the mass surrender—the largest ever recorded in KNU territory, according to the statement.

Military vehicles and more than 100 pieces of heavy artillery were also captured, it added.

The camp’s commanders reportedly agreed to hand over control of the camp without a fight in order to prevent further casualties among soldiers and their. . .

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