Fighting restarts near Laukkai as MNDAA seizes border gate and trade zone

The resumption of clashes comes just over a week after Chinese-sponsored talks aimed at averting a full-scale battle for control of the city

Fighting has resumed near Laukkai after more than a week of relative calm, according to a statement released by the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) on Tuesday.

The city, which serves as the administrative centre of the Kokang Self-Administered Zone in northern Shan State, has been besieged by the MNDAA and its allies since mid-November.

According to the group’s statement, Myanmar’s military carried out three airstrikes on Monday evening targeting MNDAA troops stationed in Htin Par Keng, a village tract located just north of Laukkai.

This was followed by heavy shelling by junta troops based inside the city and clashes that continued into the next day, the statement said.

MNDAA spokesperson Li Kyar Win was unavailable for comment at the time of reporting, but according to a resident of. . .

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