Clashes, blockade in southern Rakhine State hit minority IDPs hardest

With the military blocking travel and reducing food rations, a community of mostly Kaman and Rohingya Muslims displaced from their homes since 2012, is suffering even worse hardship than the Buddhist majority amid fighting in southern Rakhine State

As battles spread to Ramree Island, southern Rakhine State in recent weeks, the already precarious living situation for Muslim people in a local displaced persons’ camp has only become more desperate. 

In mid-November, the Arakan Army (AA) launched a series of attacks on the Myanmar military in northern Rakhine State. These were planned in coordination with the anti-junta Operation 1027 offensive carried out by the Brotherhood Alliance of ethnic armed organisations, of which the AA is a member. 

The resulting clashes remained mostly confined to the northern part of Rakhine State until January, when they spread to townships south of the state capital of Sittwe. 

While the fighting in these areas has impacted nearly all civilians living near battle sites indiscriminately, the hardship has been especially severe for a local community of displaced Rohingya and Kaman (Kamein) Muslims. 

These internally displaced persons (IDPs) have. . .

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