Bomb goes off near military convoy in Mandalay

An explosion went off near a military convoy on 62nd Street in Mandalay’s Pyigyidagun Township on Sunday morning, according to local residents.

“The vehicles, including civilian ones, were parked there to carry out crackdowns on street protest columns. I think somebody threw a bomb,” one person living in the area told Myanmar Now.

Another Pyigyidagun resident confirmed that he also heard the sound of a large blast that shook the entire neighbourhood.

“Even the ground trembled. It was intense. I bet they [the soldiers] were hit,” he said. 

The sources said they did not see the explosion and so were unable to confirm if there were any casualties.

The military has not released any information about the incident.

The explosion occurred near the township court and a police station. Ambulances and more vehicles loaded with police and soldiers arrived at the scene soon after the explosion, residents said.

The regime authorities then blocked all roads in the area and conducted searches, they added. 

Further details were not immediately available on Sunday.

In response to the junta’s use of lethal force against anti-coup protesters, urban guerrilla groups have been formed in a number of Myanmar cities.

Since May, attacks have been carried out around the country against regime forces, ward administrators and others supporting the ruling military council.

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