At least 15 civilians killed in clashes in Mongmit, Shan State

Within a week after fighting in Mongmit began, rescue volunteers found 57 bodies in the town’s ruins, 15 of which were confirmed to be civilians

At least 15 civilians were been killed in Mongmit, northern Shan State after a battle broke out for control of the town nearly two weeks ago. 

Fighters of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), joined by members of the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front and People's Defence Forces, launched an attack on the morning of January 18 targeting junta bases in the town, which serves as the administrative seat of Shan State’s Mongmit District and had around 65,000 inhabitants before the clashes started.

After nearly four days of fighting, resistance forces temporarily took control of Mongmit on the evening of  January 21. Shortly afterwards, the military carried out an airstrike causing numerous casualties as well as destroying residential homes and one of the town’s main markets.

Rescue workers have been searching for residents trapped in the town amid the ongoing battle since January 19. Within. . .

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