Arakan Army captures Pauktaw, sets its sights on five other Rakhine townships

It’s the second time the group has seized control of the town near the Rakhine State capital since the start of its offensive in November

The Arakan Army (AA) has captured Pauktaw, a town near the Rakhine State capital Sittwe, and is on its way to seizing control of five more townships in the state, according to local sources.

Pauktaw, which was briefly under AA control in early November before being retaken by the military days later, fell to the group again last Friday amid heavy fighting, residents there said.

“The AA has seized Pauktaw. The junta forces had to retreat because of the AA’s attacks. The military says they only left because they were needed elsewhere, but the truth is they had to retreat because they lost,” said a Pauktaw local.

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