Arakan Army attacks junta naval base near Chinese investment projects

The site is in the same area as the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone and the starting point of oil and gas pipelines running across Myanmar to China

The Arakan Army (AA) launched an attack on a major junta naval base in southern Rakhine State’s Kyaukphyu Township on Monday morning, located near pipelines built to transport fuel to China as well as the site of a recently renegotiated special economic zone (SEZ) backed by the country. 

The Danyawaddy base is in Thit Poke Taung village, three miles outside of the coastal town of Kyaukphyu and five miles from its port. Ships regularly traverse the area, where an SEZ is being developed by the junta with the Chinese state-owned CITIC Group, and where offshore oil and gas is exported through central Myanmar to its northern neighbour. 

Kyaukphyu residents said that they heard “an exchange of fire” and explosions after the AA reportedly launched a rocket at the Danywaddy base at 6am on Monday. 

Roads to the area were subsequently blocked, they said, and warships. . .

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