Anti-junta forces seize, attack Chin State towns in coordinated campaign

Following the capture of Tonzang and Cikha by Chin National Army-led forces, the People’s Defence Forces of Zoland and other fighters of the Chin Brothers alliance assaulted regime forces in Tedim

Anti-junta fighters seized a junta base in Chin State’s Tedim Township early Tuesday morning, capturing nine police officers just days after regime forces lost two nearby towns. 

A spokesperson for the People’s Defence Forces of Zoland (PDF Zoland)—part of the Chin Brothers alliance—said they and their allies launched the attack on junta bases north of Tedim at around 4am, taking over an outpost they called the Micro Tower base later that day. 

“We took nine prisoners while seizing the Micro Tower base,” the Zoland PDF spokesperson said, but declined to give further details about the operation. 

He added that a Chin Brothers fighter was killed and four were injured.

The junta air force carried out airstrikes on Tedim during the Chin Brothers’ assaults, according to alliance fighters and local sources.

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