Woman has miscarriage after crackdown on Monywa protest

Regime forces in Sagaing Region’s largest city, Monywa, made multiple arrests on Tuesday during crackdowns that caused one protester to have a miscarriage and left one man wounded.

The first incident occurred at around 6am in Monywa’s Thala Ward, where two young women on motorcycles were distributing anti-regime flyers with a group of other protesters when they were rammed from behind by a car.

While one of the women managed to esape on her motorcycle, the other, who was knocked off of hers, was forced to flee on foot, according to Arkar, a member of the Monywa People’s Strike Committee.

The second woman asked another motorcyclist for help, but was pushed aside when she attempted to get on the vehicle, said Arkar, who also took part in the protest.

“She said it was soon after that that she started bleeding,” he added, noting that the woman was two months pregnant.

The woman was eventually able to get away, but at least five youths  were arrested in the crackdown, according to Arkar.

Myanmar Now has been unable to contact the two women directly for comment.

The second incident took place about an hour later in Monywa’s Ywar Thit Ward, where soldiers opened fire on two young men who they suspected were waiting to join others in a protest.

According to Arkar, one of the men was shot three times in the thigh before being arrested.

“When he fell after getting shot, a soldier came over and stepped on his face with his boot. They hadn’t even started protesting yet,” he said.

Arrests were also reported elsewhere in the city as part of an effort to crush a new nationwide protest movement called the “Si Kar Thapate” (“Strikes Galore”) campaign, also known as “Six Twos Strike Day” in reference to Tuesday’s date, 22.02.2022.

The campaign involves small groups gathering in public places with flowers and wearing traditional hats and thanaka, a paste made from tree bark that is spread on the face as a natural cosmetic.

A 30-year-old resident of Monywa’s Yankin Ward was arrested at around 9am on Tuesday, while two women who had thanaka on their faces were arrested on the city’s Bo Bwar Yeik Thar at around 10am, according to Arkar.

“They’ve had scouts out there since 4am, waiting at all the places where they expect protesters to gather,” he said.

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