Two junta troops allegedly killed in grenade attack on battalion in Mandalay

An eyewitness told Myanmar Now that a military battalion at the base of Mandalay Hill was attacked with a grenade by members of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) on Tuesday, reportedly killing two junta troops and injuring one PDF fighter. 

The PDF members allegedly threw the grenade from a motorcycle at around 6pm.

“Two soldiers died and one of the bombers was hit when the soldiers started shooting back. We heard that he’s in critical condition but we don’t know where he was hit,” the eyewitness said. 

A soldier stationed at a Mandalay military base said that the attack happened at a central armory battalion.

He told Myanmar Now that he did not have information about the number of injuries or casualties resulting from the attack. 

The grenade attack followed another bombing at a police checkpoint in Mandalay in Thin Pan Kone ward in Pyigyidagun Township after the NUG’s announcement on Tuesday morning that the people’s resistance war had begun.

There were troops from several military units present including the central armory battalion, LIB 95, LID 101 and a machinery unit stationed near the base of Mandalay Hill. 

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