TNLA announces mandatory enlistment law 

The ethnic armed group’s draft policy, which requires all able-bodied youth of Palaung (Ta’ang) ethnicity to serve in their forces, does not specify the required duration of service

The ethnic armed group Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has announced details of a conscription policy mandating that Ta’ang people within a certain age range enlist to serve in their forces. 

The TNLA, a member of the Brotherhood Alliance of ethnic armed organisations, has captured seven towns from the Myanmar army in northern Shan State since November, soon after the alliance launched the “Operation 1027” offensive against the military. 

The new TNLA policy requires all men of Ta'ang ethnicity between the ages of 16 and 35 to join their fighting force, but provides exemptions for monks, men in poor health, and men from families with two or more sons if one has already enlisted.  

The TNLA draft will also specifically excuse recruits found to have Hepatitis B or C, but includes no similar provisions for other diseases. 

The conscription also applies to. . .

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