Ta’ang ethnic armed group seizes sixth town in northern Shan State

The TNLA took full control of Mongngawt in Kyaukme Township amid ongoing, indiscriminate air and artillery strikes by the military in several of the state’s townships

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has taken over Mongngawt, Kyaukme Township, the sixth town captured by the group since the launch of the Operation 1027 offensive, the ethnic armed group announced on Monday. 

Spokespersons said the group’s fighters took full control of the town, located within territory claimed by the TNLA’s Brigade 2 in northern Shan State, on Sunday night after capturing a key junta base, administrative offices, and a police station during a three-day battle. 

The TNLA fighters seized a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition including a howitzer from the junta forces, according to their statement. 

The capture of Mongngawt by the TNLA comes after its takeover of Namtu, another town located in Kyaukme District, on December 28. 

The armed group also claimed junta troops had advanced into the area from a base in Lashio, northern Shan State’s. . .

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