Myanmar junta airstrike injures TNLA members in northern Shan State

Despite agreeing to suspend hostilities with the TNLA and its allies in northern Shan State in January, the military bombed less than a mile from a TNLA camp in Mongmit Township

The junta air force attacked Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) fighters in Mongmit Township, northern Shan State on Sunday, breaking a ceasefire that has been in force since January, TNLA spokespersons said. 

At least three members of the TNLA—a Ta’ang or Palaung ethnic armed organisation based in northern Shan State—were injured in the airstrikes, which occurred at around 4:30pm.

The TNLA’s information team claims the bombs fell between Man Ping and Pang Tin villages, just under 24 miles northeast of Mongmit and less than a mile from a TNLA base camp.

“There were no battles in Mongmit Township, but they deliberately conducted aerial assaults near our camp. Three of our comrades were critically injured in the junta airstrikes,” a TNLA spokesperson said.  

The junta’s motive for attacking in an apparent violation of the current ceasefire is unclear. There were no. . .

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