Multiple casualties reported in landmine attack on army trucks in Htigyaing

Two army trucks were hit by landmines in Sagaing Region’s Htigyaing Township on Tuesday, resulting in multiple casualties, according to the Htigyaing People’s Defence Force (PDF).

The two trucks were travelling on the Htigyaing-Indaw road when the incident occurred a few miles from the town of Htigyaing at around 3pm, a spokesperson for the group said.

“One of the trucks was badly damaged. Many soldiers were injured and were sent to two hospitals in Htigyaing,” the spokesperson told Myanmar Now.

The number of casualties was unclear, he said, but added that as many as 20 soldiers may have been killed in the attack. 

Although this figure could not be confirmed, hospital sources said that several soldiers receiving treatment at the Htigyaing Public Hospital and another 50-bed hospital located just outside of the town have died of their injuries.

Other sources in the area said that soldiers who survived the attack opened fire on the village of Sardwin as they retreated. 

According to the sources, shots were fired at homes and a local monastery and community hall, and an artillery shell landed near the village school. It was unknown at the time of reporting if there were any civilian casualties.

The military has not released a statement on the attack, and the junta’s information officer has not responded to Myanmar Now’s efforts to reach him for comment.

Meanwhile, the Htyigyaing PDF claims that it also carried out an attack on an army fuel truck at around 3am on Wednesday. Myanmar Now has been unable to independently confirm this information.

On September 24, the Htigyaing PDF released a statement warning civilians not to use roads passing through the area after 8pm, as the group planned to escalate its attacks on regime forces.

On Sunday, three soldiers, including a major, were killed by landmine while travelling through Htyigyaing Township in civilian vehicles.

It has also been reported that regime forces have arrested at least 20 local people, including members of the ousted ruling party, the National League for Democracy, in recent days.

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