More civilians killed as fighting near Muse intensifies

While some casualties of the conflict have been allowed to cross the border into China, most other refugees have been prevented from doing so

At least six civilians have been killed so far this week during fierce clashes for control of Myanmar’s most important gateway to neighbouring China, according to local sources.

The fighting near the northern Shan State town of Muse, located opposite the Chinese city of Ruili, began last Sunday when it became the latest target of an anti-regime offensive launched by an alliance of ethnic armed groups late last month.

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), a member of the alliance, said that it already has control of one of two outposts overlooking the 105-Mile Trade Zone, a commercial area located a few kilometres east of Muse, and is attempting to seize the second.

On Monday, junta airstrikes carried out to defend the outpost killed three. . .

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