Mandalay-based resistance forces capture eight Myanmar army camps in a week

At least 64 junta soldiers have surrendered to anti-regime forces since fighting in Mandalay’s Madaya Township began on June 25

Resistance forces have captured eight junta bases in Mandalay Region’s Madaya Township over the past week, the Mandalay People’s Defence Force (MDY-PDF) said in a statement on Tuesday.

The group, together with the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), has been fighting in the area since June 25, when Operation 1027, an anti-regime offensive launched late last year, resumed following the collapse of a ceasefire reached in January.

While the TNLA has been leading the offensive in Mandalay’s Mogok Township and Nawngkhio and Kyaukme townships in northern Shan State, the MDY-PDF is spearheading the fighting in eastern Madaya Township.

Local resistance forces. . .

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