Junta bombs school on Myanmar-India border, killing 17 people

Military aircraft drop multiple bombs on a village adjacent to the Khampat, a Sagaing Region town under the control of the resistance

Some 17 people were killed, including six children, in a military airstrike on a school just outside the town of Khampat, on Sagaing Region’s border with India, on Sunday, locals said. 

The aerial attack occurred at 10:30am in Ward 5 of Kanan village, near the school and its sports grounds. The ethnic Chin community is located in an area of Tamu Township that has been administered by the publicly mandated National Unity Government (NUG) since anti-junta forces seized Khampat in early November. 

“[The military] dropped 250-pound bombs—they dropped two each time, and did it twice, for a total of four bombs,” an official from a Tamu-based resistance group told Myanmar Now. The bombings were reportedly carried out moments apart.

By Monday afternoon, 17 people. . .

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