Junta airstrikes batter AA-occupied town in Rakhine State for two days 

After previously fleeing the town and returning, Minbya residents said that further air raids might force them to leave again despite the difficult conditions in the countryside

Bombing raids by the Myanmar air force injured at least 10 civilians this week in Minbya Township, Rakhine State, which has been under the control of the Arakan Army (AA) since February. 

Warplanes started bombing and strafing the Minbya Myoma Police Station and the municipal offices in the township’s urban centre at around 10:30am on Tuesday, with raids continuing into the next day, according to Minbya residents. 

On Tuesday afternoon, a junta warship fired on Minbya’s Tha Pyay Nyo Ward from the Lemro River using heavy artillery, according to one resident. One of the shells landed and detonated among civilian houses, starting fires and causing injuries to the residents, he said. 

"There was no longer any fighting here, so the situation had calmed. But they dropped bombs anyway,” the man added. “The planes came two days in a row. It was quite frightening. It. . .

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