Hundreds homeless after junta bulldozes residences in Mandalay Region

The military council issues an eviction notice for 1,000 houses in Patheingyi Township, claiming that they were built on a power line

The junta issued an early April order to “remove” more than 1,000 households from several villages in Mandalay’s Patheingyi Township, alleging that they were built along a central power line. 

At the time of reporting the military had already destroyed 100 of the condemned residences, locals said. 

The junta-controlled department of electricity supply and supervision issued a warning to families living in the Mandalay communities of Nang Oo Lwin, Kan Kauk, Gway Gyi Kone, Kone Tan, Tekone, and Kywel Ye Kone. It said that they must leave their homes by April 4 as the structures were above a 230 kV power line—within 75 of it on either side.

The Myanmar army then bulldozed more than 100 houses in Nang Oo Lwin on April 5 and 6, a local from the village said. 

“They’re bulldozing houses in the scorching heat,” he told Myanmar. . .

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