Four IDPs killed by military in southern Sagaing Region

The victims were shot dead in Myinmu Township, where soldiers have already executed displaced people in the regime’s campaign against the armed resistance this year

Junta troops fatally shot four internally displaced persons (IDPs) while raiding a village in Myinmu Township, southern Sagaing Region on Monday morning. 

The victims were all men—three in their 50s and one in his 30s—who came to Seik Thar, a village on the north bank of the Ayeyarwady River in Myinmu Township, after fleeing their homes in other villages earlier this month.

They were still taking refuge in Seik Thar when an army column of around 40 troops initiated the raid, according to a spokesperson for the People’s Defence Team (PDT) based in Ngazun Township, Mandalay Region, located just south of Myinmu Township across the river.

“The military started shooting as they entered the village. The victims were all shot dead,”  he said.

The defence team withheld identifying details about the deceased victims out of concern for their families’ security. Bullet wounds were visible on all of the victims’ bodies in photographs shown to Myanmar Now. 

The soldiers also captured several other villagers whose status is currently unconfirmed, according to the Ngazun Township PDT spokesperson. 

The military has released no statements about the shootings or other operations in Seik Thar village. 

However, posts on pro-junta social media channels claimed the military had raided a school in the village and killed two resistance fighters after receiving intelligence that they were sheltering there. 

Aye Chan, a spokesperson for the resistance group People’s Knight Defence Force-Myinmu, claimed the military had deployed a large force to carry out the assault even though there had been no recent fighting around Seik Thar village.

After its early morning raid on Seik Thar, the junta column advanced to Wan Pyayt village. Military scouts and convoys along the Sagaing-Monywa road, which runs through Wan Pyayt Seik Thar, and Myinmu, have become the targets of ambushes by resistance forces.

In March of this year, several IDPs were also among the victims of a series of more than 20 gruesome executions that the junta’s infamous Ogre Column carried out in Myinmu and Sagaing townships.

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