Drone attacks on Naypyitaw military targets to continue, sources say

After firing dozens of ‘kamikaze drones’ at the military-controlled capital, sources in the resistance and the National Unity Government warn that the junta ‘is no longer safe’

The junta deployed troops across Naypyitaw and started a search for “missing” drones fired at the military’s headquarters and an air force base last week in an attack by resistance forces, including those under the command of the National Unity Government (NUG). 

An officer in one such group, the Naypyitaw People’s Defence Force (PDF), told Myanmar Now that his forces shot 35 “kamikaze drones”—pilotless apparatuses intended to detonate on impact—in the April 4 assault. The targets were the junta command where regime chief Min Aung Hlaing’s office is located, as well as the Aye Lar air force base next to Naypyitaw International Airport. 

“Sixteen drones successfully hit the military command while four crashed,” the officer said of the 20 drones fired at the headquarters. . .

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