Coalition of Chin resistance forces attack Tedim police station 

Five policemen were killed on Friday morning when three defence forces jointly attacked a police station in Tedim, northern Chin State, according to representatives of the groups. 

The Chinland Defence Force chapter based in the three areas of Kalay Township, Kabaw Valley and Gangaw Township (CDF-KKG) issued a statement on Friday confirming the assault on Khaikam police station, describing it as a reminder to the junta’s troops to join the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and fight alongside the resistance to topple the coup regime. 

The statement said that in the attack, the CDF-KKG had collaborated with the People’s Defence Force Zoland and the Civic Defence Militia. 

Ko John, a CDF spokesperson, told Myanmar Now that they plan to continue attacking the army and police, particularly since the National Unity Government (NUG) declared the start of a “resistance war” on the military dictatorship on September 7 and encouraged targeted attacks on all pillars of junta rule. 

“We have further targeted military targets, including soldiers and police. We have discussed arresting and shooting them wherever they are found,” he said of the group’s actions since the declaration by the shadow government.  

More than 20 policemen and seven soldiers in Chin State have left the junta’s armed forces and joined the CDM since the NUG’s announcement earlier this month, according to Ko John. 

The CDF-KKG’s statement said that the fighting between the three local defence forces and the 20 police manning the Khaikam police station lasted around 20 minutes and left five of the policemen dead, but Myanmar Now could not independently verify the number of casualties. 

On September 11, a joint force of the Chin National Army and the Civic Defence Militia attacked a military base in the village of Lungler in Chin State’s Thantlang Township. They reportedly set fire to the base. 

Fighting between local resistance groups and the Myanmar army has also recently taken place in Kanpetlet, in southern Chin State, and Saw and Gangaw townships in Magway Region, which border Chin State. 

Since the February 1 military coup, the resistance forces have attacked five police stations and two military bases in Chin State, according to the CDF.

The CDF has repeatedly implored the junta’s soldiers and police to join the CDM and offered to facilitate and provide them with support in the event of their defection. 

“If the junta’s troops want to join the CDM, we arrange motorcycles to transport them from towns to rural areas. We also provide security for them,” Ko John said. “We also provide [financial] support. Those who brought their weapons in order to join us have been given a special reward of 5 million kyat (US$2,738).”

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