Clashes break out between Myanmar junta and Karenni fighters in southern Shan State

Karenni resistance forces are fighting to block a column of 500 junta troops and their militia allies from reaching Pekhon and breaking a resistance siege on the town’s army bases

Fierce fighting between army troops and Karenni resistance groups has continued for three days this week on the boundary between Pinlaung and Pekhon townships in southern Shan State, resistance sources said. 

Tar Eh Soe, a spokesperson for the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF), told Myanmar Now on Monday that the first clashes broke out near Hsawng Pyaung village some 13 miles southeast of Pinlaung and north of Namneng (Nanneint) village, where junta soldiers massacred 22 civilians in March of last year. 

 “The military council’s forces had already reached the environs of Hsawng Pyaung village. Our resistance forces are blocking them. Fighting has already taken place there,” Tar Eh Soe said.  

He added that 10 junta soldiers were killed in the clashes. The KNDF also. . .

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