Chin State resistance force detains local administrative staff for involvement in junta conscription efforts

A People’s Defence Force chapter in Tedim arrests five men for allegedly forcing locals to fill out military recruitment forms in their homes

The anti-junta People’s Defence Force (PDF) of Zoland announced on Monday that its members had arrested five military-appointed administrative staff in Tedim Township, Chin State, for their alleged enforcement of the Myanmar army’s conscription policy.

The men, who were photographed blindfolded by the resistance group that morning, were identified as: 35-year-old Kut Swim Khua, an associate engineer on the township’s development committee; Hlyan Lam Khaing, 48, a general administration department clerk; Shin Khant Khua, also 48, from the department of sports; Khua Hlyan Mone, 55, the deputy supervisor of the livestock department; and 57-year-old Nan Swim Gwan, a junior clerk at the immigration office. 

An officer in Tedim’s people’s administration team said that the individuals did not heed warnings from the resistance to not participate in the military’s nationwide revival of the 2010 People’s Military Service. . .

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