Resistance forces use drone to bomb junta infantry in Myingyan

A drone attack near the base of Infantry Battalion (IB) 15 in Myingyan last Wednesday morning killed at least ten soldiers, according to the People’s Defence Forces (PDF) operating in the area.

Pogba, the information officer for Battalion 3 of Myingyan District PDF, said the PDF collaborated with drone units active in Myingyan District to launch the attack on the junta battalion.

The drone dropped bombs near the command of IB 15, targeting soldiers on guard duty.

“We dropped six bombs altogether, and according to our sources on the ground, 10 were killed and eight were seriously injured,” Pogba said.

Myanmar Now has not independently confirmed the number of junta casualties and the military council has not released a statement regarding the attack.

The attack coincided with coup regime leader Min Aung Hlaing’s presence in the district. He visited Myingyan’s No. 1 steel mill on May 31, in accordance with plans to revive an industrial project that suspended operations during the civilian National League for Democracy (NLD) administration because of heavy losses and outstanding debts to China.

Soldiers based in Meiktila and Mandalay were moved to Myingyan after Min Aung Hlaing’s visit, reinforcing security in villages within a five-mile radius of the steel mill.  However, the soldiers left the area on June 2, according to local resistance groups.

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