Pyu Saw Htee torture, murder civilians in Sagaing’s Pale Township

Four of the 24 villagers held for nearly a week died while undergoing interrogation, according to survivors

Four villagers who were among 24 abducted by the military-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia in Sagaing Region’s Pale Township last week were tortured to death, according to survivors.

On May 21, Pyu Saw Htee troops based in In Ma Htee, a village about 12 miles west of the town of Pale, rounded up residents of the nearby village of Taung Ywar Thit as they were tending their fields and held them for nearly a week, sources told Myanmar Now.

While most of the villagers were released on Monday, four were reported dead, the sources said.

“Those who were freed were weak and exhausted. They had been badly beaten and were stabbed in their hands and elbows. The women were tortured as severely as the men,” said a member of Taung Ywar Thit’s anti-regime People's Administration Team.

The dead were identified as Kyaw Khine, 45, Tint. . .

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