Myanmar regime forces kill five youths near Myingyan

None of the five victims were members of an anti-regime group, according a source close to some of them

Junta troops and members of the military-backed Pyu Saw Htee militia detained and killed five young men in Mandalay Region’s Myingyan Township on Saturday, according to local sources.

The five men, all from neighbouring Taungtha Township, were taken into custody while they were in Myingyan for a night out, a source close to some of the victims told Myanmar Now.

They were identified as Tin Myo Khine, Khant Chaw, and Myat Thu, all aged 19, Mhwar Tar, 22, and Khine Wai Phyo, 25. None of the five were members of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) or any other resistance group, the source added.

“These kids weren’t involved with any PDF group. They were just regular civilians. They went out to Myingyan on Friday for a night of karaoke, ignoring their parents’ warnings. They didn’t even bring their motorcycles. They went there by bus,” he said. . .

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