Myanmar nationals now need unique identifier numbers to leave the country

The new rule is the latest measure aimed at preventing young people from going abroad to avoid conscription

Myanmar’s military regime has imposed a new rule requiring citizens to have a unique identifier, or UID, number when applying for passports or leaving the country.

The measure, which is seen as part of the junta’s effort to prevent young people from going abroad to avoid conscription, applies to people using temporary border passes to enter neighbouring countries as well as passport holders.

“They are now making it harder to go overseas or cross the border. It looks like they are tightening restrictions on youths taking part in the revolution,” said one young man preparing to leave for Japan.

The regime began issuing UID numbers to civil servants last year as a step towards establishing a national electronic registration system. 

Those who wish to register must already possess a national registration card (NRC) and provide photos, fingerprints, retina scans, and other data.

“They took the information from. . .

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