Myanmar military massacres more than 30 in Sagaing Region

In retaliation for attacks by the armed resistance, junta personnel rounded up and killed more than 30 civilian men sheltering in monasteries in a village in Myinmu Township before burning down houses and threatening the surviving villagers with further violence

Myanmar regime forces slaughtered more than 30 civilians on Saturday during a raid on the village of Let Htoke Taw in Myinmu Township, Sagaing Region some 40 miles west of Mandalay. 

Witnesses said the junta personnel—some of whom were reportedly in soldiers’ uniforms while others wore plainclothes—fatally shot 33 villagers and torched civilian homes, causing the death of an elderly woman who was unable to escape the fire. 

“They detained every single man they could find in the village and killed them,” a resident of Let Htoke Taw said. 

The same villager said that in addition to the elderly woman who had died in her burning house, another civilian woman was shot dead in the street. 

Shooting at a monastery

At around 5am Sunday, the junta forces entered a monastery on the east side of the village where 50-60 villagers were. . .

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